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Discover Premium Left-Handed Golf Gloves at Left Behind Golf Company

Left Behind Golf Company is proud to present its entire selection of left handed golf gloves, specially selected to meet the needs of theleft-handed golfers. Our aim is to provide every left handed player with the pleasure of using comfortable, high quality and fashionable golf gloves for left handed golfers that are so vital in boosting one's performance on the course. As a lefties only golf shop dedicated to left-handed golfers, we fully understand the difficulty that you experience every time you hold and swing your golf equipment and we are here to offer you alternatives that will perfectly fit and give you a perfect grip. 

Whether you are searching for a golf glove for left handed players or mens golf gloves left hand, our offered lineup is designed for you. Discover the benefits of our collection and feel the expressiveness of a right hand golf glove for a left handed player who knows your position and your needs.

The Ultimate Collection of Left-Handed Golf Gloves

At Left Behind Golf Company, we are happy to offer our customers a wide selection of left handed golf gloves that are not only well made but also fashionable. We use very high quality materials to produce our gloves in order to have long lasting and comfortable products that will offer you a firm grip as you play for that satisfying hit.

Augusta Edition LBGC Retro Logo Glove:This is a classic styled glove with today’s high performance and it comes complete with our retro logo. Comes in four sizes – small, medium, large and extra large — to guarantee a perfect fit for the golfer. This particular Augusta Edition glove is excellent for golf lovers who prefer the classic styles and performance simultaneously. This is something that every left-handed golfer should consider using because it provides style and practicality.

Walter White Glove: Among the Walter White glove, one features a smooth structure and provides increased grip which makes the Walter White glove a preferred choice among the mens golf gloves left hand players. Due to its long-wearing material quality and some stylish and ergonomic construction, it allows any left handed player to golf in any condition.

Salt & Pepper Glove: This robust glove is comfortable to wear and offers firm hold regardless of the weather one is operating under. Being available in various sizes, the Salt & Pepper glove comes as a great choice for every golfer who is aiming to get a high-quality glove. As a golf glove for the left handed player it offers quality as well as reliability.

Dark Knight Glove: Get noticed on the course with the intimidating look of the Dark Knight glove and feel the added control. It is designed to allow the golfer to have maximum control with comfort and a marvelous aesthetic view should be on the bag of every serious left handed golfer.

Cookies & Cream Glove: Taking style coupled with comfort, the Cookies & Cream glove is not only well-fitted but also performs well on the fields. It is designed to afford one with a good grip and control of the game to improve one’s performance. This left handed golf glove is perfect for those who would like their apparels to be fashionable while at the same time possessing a certain form of quality.

Blue Steel Glove: Offering a range of features including a durable material and improved grip, the Blue Steel glove ensures quality performance and a better fit. This glove is ideal for the patriot kind of left handed golfer who expects the best out of the glove and does not mind paying for a quality glove.

The Grey Glove: This glove is perfect for the golf enthusiast and professional as it combines elegance with performance, and is known as The Grey glove. It is built to last and will serve its purpose for a long time, and since it is so comfortable to put on, it is a joy to wear. Ideal for those shopping at a lefties only golf shop.

Red Foreman Glove: The Red Foreman glove offers a bright outlook and excellent performance and deserves a special place in the hands of left-handed players. This high quality left handed golf glove is sure to accompany you through any weather condition that shall be thrown your way from the golf playing arena and thus shall enhance your performance aligned with the comfort afforded by a durable construction.

Why Choose Left Behind Golf Company?

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart. Every left handed golf glove is backed by our 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE policy. If you are not fully satisfied with the quality of the mens golf gloves left hand, you shall return the item and get a replacement or a refund. This risk free shopping experience is designed to afford you the peace of mind knowing that you will obtain the best golf gloves for left handed golfers.

Moreover, to show our appreciation for customers, we offer free shipping on all our items to ensure you get the best deal on your order. To help with any questions or concerns our online support team is available to help make your shopping experience issue-free. We also ensure that payment methods are safe; you are welcome to shop at our lefties only golf shop knowing that your payment details are secure.

Our Benefits

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We aim to provide a risk-free shopping experience. If you're unsatisfied with the quality of your left handed golf glove, we will replace or refund your purchase.
  • Free Shipping: Every customer who orders products from our store gets free shipping, meaning that you get the best deal possible.
  • Online Support: To help, our customer service representatives are here to answer any question you may have, and to guarantee your shopping satisfaction.
  • Secure Payment: Be assured that when you are making your payment, your details will be safe from any security breach.
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About Left Behind Golf Company

Left Behind Golf Company is also a Canadian based sports apparel company that designs and markets its products for left-handed individuals in playing golf. Our slogan, “By Lefties, Fore Lefties,” demonstrates our simple mission: to promote the left-handed golfers and to specially create sections and products that are specially designed and endorsed for the left-handed players.

Founded in 2020, Left Behind Golf was created out of the same frustration all left-handed golfers have felt at some point. From limited club options to no gloves in Pro Shops to having 80% of the range facing right at you as you slice your drive a mile left! We feel you.

While "grow the game" is a popular catchphrase and the number of lefties in golf is steadily growing, there has been and continues to be a lack of representation in golf, especially from a product retail perspective. To bring the first attention to lefty golf across the board, it was decided to launch the first golf brand dedicated to lefty golf only. Left Behind Golf is for the golfer to feel that he or she is left behind where everything is designed for the right handed individuals. We stand for the path not taken and for making a left handed golfing experience considerably friendlier.

One thing is for sure; we know we can't do it alone. Through partnerships with organizations like The National Association of Left-Handed Golfers, multiple pro-shops/retailers, and most importantly proud lefties like yourself, we endeavor to take the message of #LeftiesUnite across the globe.

By choosing Left Behind Golf Company, you are supporting a brand that understands and prioritizes the needs of left-handed golfers. Whether you are in the market for a right hand golf glove for a left handed golfer, or any other type of golfing gear or accessories, we are your one-stop shop. Our extensive selection and dedication to quality make us the preferred golf glove for left handed player shop.