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Welcome to Left Behind Golf Company provides accessories of left-handed golf hats, designed specifically for the unique needs of left-handed golfers. The mission of the company is to provide every left-handed player comfortable and fashionable men’s golf headwear that will effectively meet their needs on the golf course. As a brand dedicated to left-handed golfers, we understand the challenges you face and we are here with this perfect fitting and comfortable kit for you.

The Ultimate Collection of Left-Handed Golf Hats

As one of the most professional online golf shops, Left Behind Golf Company is always focusing on providing men’s golf hats with excellent performance and stylish design. Our hats are made from quality material to stay long and comfortable as we continue to display our hats to the world. The golf hats for men from our collection are sure to become your favorite accessories – choose from the impressive selection of golf caps for men and any other product you need for your golfing. If you are searching for Golf mens hats or mens golf headwear, we present the best choices for the customers.

Augusta Edition Lefty Snapback Hat

This Augusta Edition Lefty Snapback Hat is perfect for adding classic style to the course, with a modern and highly breathable design along with our iconic logo. It comes in several color options including black, dark grey, dark navy, green camo, and khaki, and it is one of the best snapback caps for every left-handed golfer. The Augusta Edition hat is perfect for those who want a clean look and maximum performance on the golf course. If you are looking for the best snapback golf hats or best golf mens hats, this golf hat can be considered as one of the best.

Augusta Edition Lefty Dad Hat

Offering a stylish appeal and optimum comfort, the Augusta Edition Lefty Dad Hat has received much appreciation from the golf enthusiasts. Its build quality coupled with the material make it suitable for use under any and all conditions on the golf course. Included in a line of cranberry and spruce, this hat will let left-handed golf players go out in style. Regarding the golf caps for men, this dad hat is one of the best-performing hats for men, who prefer the comfort and aesthetic lines of a golf cap.

Lefty Golf 2024 Snapback Hat

Combining the strength and service, Lefty Golf 2024 Snapback Hat is an ideal thing that can be worn in any weather conditions. It is also available in several colors which include dark navy, black, maroon and royal blue to meet the expectations of any high profile golfer who wants to use the Lefty Golf 2024 Snapback Hat. This hat is one of our most popular men's golf headwear since it provides style and versatility to golf mens hats of those who need it.

Lefty Golf 2024 Dad Hat

Stand out on the course with the Lefty Golf 2024 Dad Hat, featuring a bold design and enhanced comfort. That has been made in such a complex manner to ensure serious golfers obtain the maximum comfort and safety whenever this hat is used. These hats come in as black, navy, Cranberry as well as spruce for every left handed golfer and thus are in right size By. Speaking of looking for one of the best golf hats, this dad hat is suitable for golf hat lovers as they seek the best golf hats for men because of its features.

Club Lefty Snapback Hat

Combining style with functionality, the Club Lefty Snapback Hat offers a comfortable fit and superior protection. Its purpose is to provide you with sufficient protection from the sunlight and comfort while you are playing the game and ensures you get the best results out of it. Available in three different shades of blue, black, and maroon, this snapback hat is popular for its material and size. This surely is one of the bestsellers in golf caps for men and is very popular in our men golf hats section.

Club Lefty Dad Hat

It is made with the material that is very rugged and even more comfortable in any wear with the Club Lefty Dad Hat. In other words, this hat should appeal to any golfer who is interested in purchasing the best products on the market. As with any other great quality dad hat, it comes in some marvelous color options including black, navy, cranberry, and spruce. As part of our mens golf headwear lineup, this dad hat is an excellent choice for those seeking the best golf hats available.

Why Choose Left Behind Golf Company?

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart. Every lefty hat is backed by our 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE policy. If you are not fully satisfied with the quality of the golf hats for men, you shall return the item and get a replacement or a refund. This risk free shopping experience is designed to afford you the peace of mind knowing that you will obtain the best golf hats for left handed golfers.

Moreover, to show our appreciation for customers, we offer free shipping on all our items to ensure you get the best deal on your order. To help with any questions or concerns our online support team is available to help make your shopping experience issue-free. We also ensure that payment methods are safe; you are welcome to shop at our mens golf headwear knowing that your payment details are secure.

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  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We aim to provide a risk-free shopping experience. If you're unsatisfied with the quality of your golf mens hats, we will replace or refund your purchase.
  • Free Shipping: Every customer who orders products from our store gets free shipping, meaning that you get the best deal possible.
  • Online Support: To help, our customer service representatives are here to answer any question you may have, and to guarantee your shopping satisfaction.
  • Secure Payment: Be assured that when you are making your payment, your details will be safe from any security breach.
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About Left Behind Golf Company

Left Behind Golf Company is also a Canadian based sports apparel company that designs and markets its products for left-handed individuals in playing golf. Our slogan, “By Lefties, Fore Lefties,” demonstrates our simple mission: to promote the left-handed golfers and to specially create sections and products that are specially designed and endorsed for the left-handed players.

Founded in 2020, Left Behind Golf was created out of the same frustration all left-handed golfers have felt at some point. From limited club options to no gloves in Pro Shops to having 80% of the range facing right at you as you slice your drive a mile left! We feel you.

While "grow the game" is a popular catchphrase and the number of lefties in golf is steadily growing, there has been and continues to be a lack of representation in golf, especially from a product retail perspective. To bring the first attention to lefty golf across the board, it was decided to launch the first golf brand dedicated to lefty golf only. Left Behind Golf is for the golfer to feel that he or she is left behind where everything is designed for the right handed individuals. We stand for the path not taken and for making a left handed golfing experience considerably friendlier.

One thing is for sure; we know we can't do it alone. Through partnerships with organizations like The National Association of Left-Handed Golfers, multiple pro-shops/retailers, and most importantly proud lefties like yourself, we endeavor to take the message of #LeftiesUnite across the globe.

Thank you for choosing Left Behind Golf Company. Our exclusive collection of left-handed golf hats is designed to meet the specific needs of left-handed golfers. With our golf hats for men, you can enjoy both style and functionality on the course. Explore our range today and experience the difference in quality and performance.