Left Behind Golf Company is a Canadian-based sports apparel brand dedicated to Left-Handed golfers. Our slogan “By Lefties, Fore Lefties” demonstrates our simple mission; to unify and support the Left-Handed golfing community through dedicated content and exclusive products.

While "grow the game" is a popular catch phrase and the number of Lefties in golf is steadily growing, there has been and continues to be a lack of representation in golf, especially from a product retail perspective. 

To raise the profile of Lefty golf across the board, we decided to create golf's first brand dedicated exclusively to Lefty golfers. Left Behind Golf is for golfers who feel 'left' behind in a Righty's world. We're here to represent for the road less traveled and to ensure a more inviting and accessible future for Left-Handed golfers.

One thing is for sure; we know we can't do it alone. Through partnerships with organizations like The National Association of Left-Handed Golfers, multiple pro-shops/retailers, and most importantly proud Lefties like yourself, we endeavour to take the message of #LeftiesUnite across the globe.

Greg,  Left Behind Golf Founder 

Thanks for being here!

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